Főoldal Rent in the City Step by step

Step 1 Set up your renting criterias

Please let us know the following: which area would you like to live, how many bedrooms would you like, what floor, modern building vs older one, what kind of heating system and last but not least how much would you like to spend.

Step 2 Contact your Ingatlan Café agent

You can find us online at www.icszeged.hu, by email at info@icszeged.hu, or by phone and fax on 36 62/635-355.

Step 3 Choose from a list of potential properties

Our agents will help you to search our database of potential properties to choose just the right one for you.

Step 4 Visit all chosen properties

Our agents will accompany you to see all the properties that you picked out from the list. If you do not speak Hungarian our English speaking agent will help you out every step of the way.

Step 5 Making an offer

In case of finding just the right property your IC agent will forward your offer to the owner.

Step 6 Negotiating the term of the lease

In cooperation with your IC agent and the owner -or the owner’s agent- the final details can be worked out for everybody’s satisfaction.

Step 7 Signing the lease agreement

At our offices on cooperation with the owner’s agent your IC agent will write up the lease agreement based on the conditions negotiated earlier. This service is at no cost to the renters.

Step 8 Getting the keys and moving in

At the time of signing the contract the owner and the renter can agree on the date ad time of handing over the apartment. If there is a need of translation your English speaking agent will help you out during this process.